KAO aims to be the global group of companies that is the closest to the consumers and customers in each market, earning the respect and trust of all stakeholders.

Holding strong to the idea of Yoki-Monozukuri, "a strong commitment by all members to provide products of brand of excellent value for customer satisfaction", KAO Indonesia has succeeded to stay in the heart of the consumers. As a Japanese term, Yoki-Monozukuri literally means "excellent product development", but for KAO the term goes beyond that. From the start, KAO's mission has been to strive for "the wholehearted satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people", it is a mission created to contribute more to the sustainability of the world with products and brands with excellent value generated from the consumers' and customers' perspective that will bring meaning for people, globally.

KAO continuously improve and innovate in order to stay one stelp ahead of changes in consumer lifestyles and the business environment. Aware that the world is constantly changing, the needs and wants of the consumers are obviously not sustainable, but for over 100 years, KAO never ceased to move forward, changes are chance to grow stronger and allow us to respond smarter as we rise to the challenge of leading the way in innovation.

Towards the future, KAO Indonesia is applying the 4C focus and strategy: Challenge toward changes in consumer and customer lifestyle, Challenge towards new category and eco together, Challenge to innovate and breakthrough, Challenge to maximize individual capabilities and teamwork.



Biore is growing healthily through product diversification, including the first facial wash specially formulated for men with double scrub. There are also body wash with skin caring body foam that simultaneously cleanses and maintains moisture skin, divided into two range; Biore Antibacterial enriched with an antibacterial agent, it does not only cleanse away bacteria but also gentle to the skin so it always in healthy condition and Biore Facial foam with Skin Purifying Technology, removes accumated impurities and excess skin oil, keeping the skin natural & healthy.

Meanwhile, Laurier is the No. 1 brand of sanitary protection in Indonesia Modern Trade. Furthermore, Attack dominates the concentrated detergent market of Indonesia. Its 3D Clean Action Formula, cleans, softens, and makes ironing easier with one easy step. Then again, Easy with its special foam makes washing clothes as easy as though being helped with "the power of 10 hands".



KAO Group has been conducting Children International Painting Contest for the 4th time. The contest is a yearly event to encourage the children all over the world to increase their awareness in preserving the environment, so one day they would think and actively act to protect their surrounding environment. From 8.516 paintings all over the world, The 2013 Children International Painting Contest Winner goes to Paramita Sheila Widjaja from Indonesia.




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