To prevent spread of dengue fever in RW 03 Kemanggisan, specially at RT 04, RT 05 and RT 06, near the Rodamas office, PT Rodamas held disinfectant fogging through the ‘Rodamas Berbagi’ CSR program on Thursday (9/6). The CSR and GA team of PT Rodamas, along with head of the neighborhood, worked together to do disinfectant fogging to the entire area of RT 04, RT 05 and RT 06, from Anggrek Cendrawasih Raya Street to Angger Cendrawasih I all through V Streets.

The transitional period between the dry and rainy season is often marked by an increased frequency of rainfall. This increases the risk of being infected with dengue fever as puddles of water are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Therefore, to show up for the surrounding community, PT Rodamas held disinfectant fogging. “Other than fogging, we also socialized community members and the neighborhood leaders to remember to do 3M activities, cleaning/draining, covering, burying (menguras, menutup, mengubur), objects and furnitures that can potentially hold water and become breeding grounds for mosquitoes,” CSR Manager of PT Rodamas, Tommy Wicaksono, reminded.

Mr. Meifel, as the neighborhood head of RT 06, welcomed this activity warmly. “Thank you to PT Rodamas for their contribution to the community, especially our RT area. We hope they’ll become more successful and continue to contribute positively to society.”

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