PT Rodamas, through the ‘Rodamas Berbagi’ CSR program, donated medical equipment to Tunas Anggrek Integrated Healthcare Center, RW 03 Kemanggisan. This activity was held on Thursday (23/6).

The integrated healthcare center has 2 centers to serve the RW 03 Kemanggisan community. However, the center experienced a shortage of medical equipment needed for medical checkups. The ‘Rodamas Berbagi’ CSR program donated body scales, blood pressure monitors, as well as blood glucose, cholesterol, and uric acid meters to each center.

“Before this, we couldn’t hold medical checkups due to shortage of equipment needed. With this aid, community members, especially the elderly, can more easily and routinely check up on their health condition,” said Lia, from the management of RW 3 Integrated Healthcare Center. CSR Manager of PT Rodamas, Tommy Wicaksono, mentioned, “This donation aims to show our company’s concern with the surrounding community, and our hope is that this program can be beneficial to the people who need it.”

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