This World Deaf Day, PT Rodamas, through the ‘Rodamas Berbagi’ CSR program, donated production equipment to help the expansion of Manisss Food, a small culinary business located in Tangerang.

Manisss Food is a home culinary business run by our deaf friends who are alumni of SLB B Pangudi Luhur since 2020. Under the tutelage of Agnes Widya, a teacher in SLB B Pangudi Luhur, there are now 15-20 deaf friends that run Manisss Food. They are responsible for order administration, social media, preparation of raw materials, cooking, packing of products, as well as courier.

Products the business make include peanut peyek, peyek rebon, cheese stick, and nastar (pineapple tart/cookie). CSR Manager of PT Rodamas, Tommy Wicaksono, stated that, “We are very appreciative of our deaf friends that want to develop this business. We hope that the help we give can increase their production capacity and the business can further grow.” Further information regarding Manisss Food can be seen on their Instagram account @manisssfood.

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